An important aspect of the Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program is the dissemination of the team's experiences to the general public. The goal of the Micro Gravi-Gators is to interact with middle school and high school age children. In middle school, students are beginning to learn what topics of education interest them and once they reach high school they begin choosing a more specific career path before graduation. Through the interactions with the students, the team hopes to foster an educational desire in the math and sciences and encourage the pursuance of a secondary education in those areas. An emphasis will also be placed on the programs that NASA is currently offering that would allow the students to further pursue their interests in the math and sciences at all levels of education.

Two of the educational programs that NASA currently offers are Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience (INSPIRE) and Dropping In a Microgravity Environment (DIME). INSPIRE is open for students nationally in grades 9-12 and higher education. In this program, students participate in an online learning community and conduct grade-level-appropriate activities. Students participating that are in the 10th grade are also eligible to apply for Collegiate Experience offered by INSPIRE which involves a two-week on-campus experience at a Space Grant Institution/University. DIME allows educators and students grades 6-12 to design and build a microgravity experiment that will be conducted in a NASA drop tower. More information on these programs and others offered by NASA can be found at the following links: